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A wiki dedicated to a weekly role-playing campaign about a group of crazy superheroes for hire (and occasionally public service)

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Rogue gallery

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The superheroes game is a mostly narrative role playing game that takes place in the 2300's. It's a fairly dystopian world rife with horrors from beyond, apathetic megacorporations, crazed horrors, demons, devils and pollution.

But in the middle of all this, there's still a semblance of normalcy. The western governments hide much of the crazy from everyday citizens, and have founded a dedicated anti-supernatural paramilitary organization in the vein of XCOM or SHIELD to counter threats that would otherwise destroy the worlds as it is known to the citizens.

But this isn't the story about them.

This is the story about a group calling themselves the troubleshooters; heroes for hire, operating out of Hamburg, Germany.

The year is 2312, and things are getting funky.

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